A skate to help you move your furniture

A skate to help you move your furniture

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Because moving furniture during a move can be a real pain, GPI has imagined an all-terrain sliding pad to make your job easier. Presentation. To move, it is not enough to ask for help from your friends, it is above all necessary to equip yourself with the right tools! For this, GPI has thought of everything with solutions that facilitate the movement of heavy and bulky furniture. The gliders are thus a patented product which allows to gain 20 to 30% of additional efficiency.

How it works ?

The sole of the skate is made of Teflon, a self-lubricating material that will not stick to another surface. It allows the skate to slide even under heavy load. The skate surface has also been dimpled to minimize lift, friction and scratches. On the other side, the skate has a compensating ball: it is an articulated sole which allows to absorb the irregularities of the ground to protect the frame of the furniture. Thanks to this system, the weight distribution over the four feet is almost perfect. From 15 euros the four skates. > More info on