Update a fireplace

Update a fireplace

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Clive's Question


Decorative answer: special paints for wood and tiles

Hello Clive, before putting your fireplace up to date, it is important to check that the place where you want to paint is not in direct contact with the flames, I am thinking of refractory stones. Once this is done, you must first of all clean it to prepare the support. You can clean the bricks or stones with St Marc detergent, and allow to dry for the necessary time. After having delimited the chimney from the wall with masking tape, apply a special tiling underlay. Allow time to dry before starting to apply the first coat of paint. You can use an acrylic paint, but again, it is very important to respect the drying times before applying the second coat, and this, for a lasting result. Regarding your beam, opt instead for a special woodwork paint, you will not be limited in colors because you can now choose them from a color chart. You too, send us your decoration question