Rental: how to decorate to really feel at home

Rental: how to decorate to really feel at home

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If the rental has some advantages such as the freedom to move at any time, or even not to pay property tax, it also unfortunately has certain disadvantages. And yes, it unfortunately happens that the decor of the owner is not to his liking, or even that it is completely old-fashioned ... For some, this can even become a crippling criterion in the choice of a new accommodation! And yet, you should know that the tenant also has rights, including that of decorating the rented property to a certain extent. After all, it's not forbidden to want to feel at home when you pay your rent every month! Hang a few shelves, paint a section of wall, fix a curtain rod ... So many small improvements that can be authorized, as long as we do not tackle the major work and that we repair before leaving . In addition, there are now many tips to personalize your interior in two stages, three movements, and all this without hammer or drill. So, are we tempted?

Dare to color

© Bras Immobilier Whether you want to repaint one or two sections of the wall or a little refreshment, better to discuss it with its owner in order to stay on good terms. If he gives you his agreement, you have the brushes! And if an arrangement is possible, this will allow you maybe even get a small expense reimbursement. Anyway, prefer neutral tones like white, light gray or sand color. Light shades enlarge the spaces, and bring light to rooms with little glass. Some colors have the advantage of creating an intimate, warm, very trendy place. In this case, we opt for deep colors like dark, velvety greens, warmed burnt orange, terracotta, marsala and midnight blue. Ours is the Velours and Art Deco trend which is re-emerging in the front of the scene. If, on the other hand, we choose more sustained tones, it will probably be necessary to plan to rehabilitate at the start, that is to say repaint in white.

Bet on textiles

© Leroy Merlin Curtains are a creative way to set the tone and personalize your interior. Shimmering velvet curtains with a heavy drop, or sheer curtains letting the light filter in. The choice is available to bring character to your home, and the palette is generous! Pastel colors, black and white contrasts for a graphic effect, Scandinavian, geometric patterns, large plant motifs… Everything can be invented and reinvented. Just fix a rod, which requires little know-how. It is now possible tolearn the basics of DIY in some DIY stores, in the form of fun workshops accessible to all.So, ready for renewal? In the living room, we harmonize cushions and Pleas, from large mesh to weaving, including linen, canvas, fur, not to mention the fringes. And why not a little yellow curry armchair and cushions in fresh, green tones? Do you no longer like the tiled floor? We set our sights on a carpet soft, enough to bring comfort and a cozy look to the room. It's up to you to create the decor that suits you!

Try repositionable coverings

© Leroy Merlin If the floor area is too large to be camouflaged by a carpet, we have the solution! A soft PVC floor or some clips to clip will save you from getting into big jobs. And in addition, it is simple and quick to install! These coatings offer a wide choice by imitating different materials: waxed concrete, wood of all colors, cement tiles, various and varied patterns… What change the look of a room in the blink of an eye. Impossible not to find happiness! Similarly, if the earthenware of the kitchen or the bathroom does not excite you, offering you another decor is now within everyone's reach. There are DIY stores repositionable tiles… Nothing's easier ! Some accessories will complete the set, steel or pop color, matt black or wood. So the new decoration in tune with the times! Something to fully appropriate the pleasure of living in this new accommodation…

Adopt pretty plants

© Soma A safe bet, plant decor has more than one trick up its sleeve! It hides the small imperfections of the house, it soothes and renews oxygen. The choice is vast between cacti, the delicious, and large plants with generous leaves and tropical looks. The exotic touch will make the difference. Dieffenbachia, philodendron, ficus, areca or yucca… Ideal for cleverly concealing an unsightly pipe or a worn wall. We do not neglect resistant flowering plants. White or colored, like the orchid or amaryllis, who marry beautifully with ceramic pots. As for the suspensions in macrame, they always make their small effect with their vintage side. Plants participate brilliantly in makeover of your home, bringing freshness and dynamism. Thanks to them, we forget the angry details!

Choose beautiful light fixtures

© Saint Maclou Another important criterion for enhancing your living space: light. Lighting a room can completely change the mood, which is why it is essential to think about it quietly. An inventory is therefore essential. For soft lighting inviting to privacy and softness, we opt without hesitation for a floor lamp in the living room. The ceiling will give a more or less intense light, useful at certain times and in certain rooms like the kitchen.A table lamp with its rectangular lampshade, will provide a light structure and emphasize a piece of furniture, an office for example, or a particular space. To curl up in a good chair or on comfortable cushions, nothing like a reader to follow your readings! To make the best choice, we opt for materials and colors that match our decor in order to obtain a certain harmony. Because who says harmony at home says harmony in itself!

Opt for shelves

© Walmart / La Pigiste Who has decreed that it is forbidden to fix shelves when you are a tenant? Good news: this is not an affront to the owner, you have the right to do so. Ideal in case of limited space, the shelves allow to save a little storage in height . They increase your storage space for clothes, children's games, books, dishes… But they also know how to integrate into the decoration, and successfully welcome photo frames, plants and various collectibles that you particularly like. We play with the refined, lacquered, or console style, in wood, metal or rattan, depending on your interior. Also, be aware that there are, in DIY stores, tubes of filling paste. For only a few euros, nothing like it to erase the hanging marks when you leave the accommodation. It is enough to apply a little paste in the holes, to let dry then to sand lightly with a very fine grain sandpaper. And voila ! So why deny it?

Install a removable partition

© Holborn Without speaking of falling down the walls or even building them, the configuration of the accommodation where we move does not always suit us. This is particularly the case for small Parisian apartments or student studios. Gold, it is sometimes necessary to create a small separation between two spaces. But how to do it ? The idea of ​​the standing bookcase is a solution to create an airy separation, combining utility and decoration. But if this idea does not hold your interest, know that it is now possible to install a removable partition on pistons. Yes, your glass roof dream may well come true! And that without doing any major work… For an extra separation, the screen has nothing more to prove and comes back in force. Cane or macramé version, in wood, canvas, etc. You will surely find your favorite. And to add his personal touch, we can imagine assembling two or three light wooden shutters, flea market. What do you say about this original screen to raise the standard of upcycling and zero waste? And yes, there is always hope… Like what, even being a tenant, it is not forbidden to have fun! Now you have the pretty decor!