Back to school checklist: tips for a well-organized year

Back to school checklist: tips for a well-organized year

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Organizing your time is not always an easy task. Various meetings, activities and obligations; all this is essential but requires a hierarchy and method ... Without depriving yourself of fantasy and pleasure! Target new objectives, discipline time or, on the contrary, let it slip away, structure our rhythm without neglecting our inner life ... But rest assured, nothing too complicated provided you proceed methodically. So forward for a few challenges: sort, organize, store, list, point, but also decorate, decorate, create ... For a harmonious and practical interior, all it takes is a few things: a little rigor, organization, but above all a lot of happiness! It's your turn.

1. Notebooks to organize

© The essential element of a top organization is of course the agenda! Whether paper, simple or fancy, or telephone version, it is perfect for collecting all your appointments. The advantage of the phone version? Ideal to remind you of appointments, addresses and contacts ... And even the time you leave home to arrive on time! But if the management of appointments is important especially in the context of bubbling life which is often ours, let's not neglect our inner life. And in this area, notebooks of all kinds hold records of ingenuity, pleasure or functionality. A real invitation to reconnect to yourself! We opt for the personal diary which still proves itself and offers a space of self-confidence, beneficial and soothing. We allow ourselves to note in a benevolence notebook the moments of pause that we take in mindfulness. And to keep track of our discoveries, around the world or right there nearby, the travel diary excels! It fits in our luggage without complex. As to bullet journal (or bujo : contraction of bullet and newspaper), it just requires a pencil and a notebook. Mixing as desired professional notes and personal notes, we gather all our ideas. And why not also some small illustrations and quotes who speak to us!

2. A great schedule for the whole family

© Jolie Place Whether weekly or monthly, the schedule allows you to view activities, invitations and various meetings at a glance. This is how to mix business with pleasure. Slate, schoolchildren style, cork with its trendy side, glass or lacquered metal … It is adorned with inscriptions in chalk, felt-tip pen, colorful sticky notes joyfully strewn with, or magnetic figurines to be moved as needed. What if we made our own OSB panel? Rest assured, you don't have to be a DIY expert! First, we get an OSB panel with the desired dimensions. Then, we make the grid using masking tape * colored (*repositionable Japanese scotch tape), by forming bands, columns, boxes ... Something to pin and hang on, while letting your imagination speak! It only remains for us to find the ideal place for our new planning. In full view of the whole family, for the pleasure of the eyes and the little boost in memory of all! With that, it is impossible to forget your yoga session or the youngest's judo class.

3. Boxes to prioritize your business

© Ikea Sorting is number one in reorganization so we start there. Clothing and accessories, toys, books, medicines, cosmetics and make-up, food, office area… Not even afraid ! Once we see more clearly, we classify and we prioritize. In the wardrobes and the dressing room, we store summer clothes in boxes or covers, we invite on the shelves the soft sweaters and the soft sweatshirts. In the children's room, we have colored bins to classify toys : blue for legos, yellow for playmobils, pink for barbies, green for educational games… Nothing like it to develop the sense of storage in our little blond heads! To store the books, we adopt the wicker or wooden drawers, we make room for them on a shelf. We have our favorite books on an old weathered stepladder, or on a stack of briquettes, ideal for an original and offbeat look. As for the bathroom, it too is entitled to its reorganization. Wicker baskets, mini bins in pastel or flashy colors, fabric or woven baskets… Ideal for welcoming our products with flying colors. Medicines will find a special place in labeled or transparent boxes. They are distributed by families: first aid, painkillers, ENT, homeopathy, etc. We thus appreciate see at a glance the useful remedy at the right time. And the kitchen is not to be outdone! We go into mode zero waste ! One buys loose cereals and dried fruits, seeds and legumes, and we customize glass jars, pretty and eco-friendly! In the office, you don't need much to organize a cheerful and practical space! Small compartments in shades and accommodate paper clips and magnets, various and varied pots for pencils and pens, document holders and metal or cardboard baskets… The pleasure of tidy up!

4. An inspiration board

© Artwall CO - Brico Bistro Cork board, metal grid, wooden frame where wires are stretched… We like to pin our little finds there, summer postcards, invitations, children's drawings, business cards not to be lost. Or why not a photo, a nice quote, a few sprigs of lavender, fall foliage, a vacation souvenir… Above the desk, it will give you a breath of fresh air and why not inspiration, it will offer you a few moments of escape. For fans of creative hobbies, sewing or DIY, the pegboard (pegboard) will prove to be an excellent alternative for hanging small tools, various utensils, mini shelves, everything is modular!

5. Clocks for a rhythmic life

© Metal Ambiences Tired of being late nonstop? Come on, for this start of the school year, we're off on the right foot, All in good time ! We equip each room with a clock or alarm clock. You'll see, it's radical! Station clock, very chic white marble clock in a Scandinavian style interior, clock in cork or wood, rattan, metal, concrete, memphis style (geometric and colorful)… It's up to you to find your crush! The minimalist design clocks have a small effect, vintage alarm clocks are always successful, not to mention alarm clocks with projection of soft images on the ceiling in children's rooms. And let's not forget the bathroom… With its pure white and steel or freshly colored models: enough to add some pep in your early days! That said, nothing prevents you from choosing a cuckoo clock revisited for fun or even making your own clock. We let go, we do not hesitate to make unexpected combinations ... Enough to make a nice wink at the minutes that go by! With these tips, this year more worry: you will start back to school serenely ... And on the right foot! Your turn now !