How to highlight a small armchair?

How to highlight a small armchair?

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Whether you hunt around in a flea market or browse furniture stores, you have found a small armchair that you adore. The catch? You don't know where to find it or how to highlight it. To help you, we have selected our favorite inspirations to enhance your little chair!

By the sofa

If you only have one sofa in your living room space, complete the space and multiply the seats with your small armchair. Play with contrasts by choosing a different color model or put harmony with a model with finishes similar to that of your sofa.

Reading corner

And if you dedicate your small armchair to the development of a reading corner? Near a coffee table and a few shelves (or better a library), the armchair invites you to take a reading break. Do not forget to add an extra lamp to enjoy it even in the evening!

In the dressing room

You do not know what to do with your easy chair? Why not use it to furnish your dressing area. Install a wardrobe, some storage, a mirror and why not a vanity unit! Choose a small model with glamorous shapes and pastel colors for a feminine wardrobe.

At the foot of the bed

After the entrance, the dressing room or even the bathroom, the small armchair is located in the bedroom, at the foot of the bed. We love the game of details with a reminder of colors on the pendant, the cushion and some decorative accessories such as vases.

Spa area

We are not used to seeing armchairs enthroned in the bathroom. However, this seat has its place in this room, provided that space allows. Besides being practical, the armchair is also very elegant. Placed on a carpet near the bathtub, it gives the impression of being in a spa!

Reception furniture

To arrange an entrance, the armchair is a great ally. Installed next to a side table and the coat rack, it sets the tone from the doorstep and sends out a warm image. Add a rug and you can be sure your lobby will be welcoming.

Tone on tone

To highlight your armchair in a singular way, dare tone on tone. The idea is to paint one of the walls of the room in the same shade as your armchairs. A total daring look but that does not lack character ... And to start smoothly, nothing prevents you from using a wallpaper with identical patterns and colors!

Cozy corner

When you are lucky enough to have a small, cozy and comfortable armchair, you have to highlight it in a room (or corner) dedicated to relaxation and leisure. Here, a Papasan rattan armchair sets the tone in this cozy corner. Add a carpet, cushions and throws and poufs to reinforce the warm spirit.