How to optimize an attic room?

How to optimize an attic room?

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1. Use every corner

Why waste square meters when every inch can be put to good use? Here, this attic room has an office area installed around the beams where every corner can be used to create storage spaces.

2. Create a parental suite

Attic rooms generally lend themselves well to the development of parental suites. Thus, a corner of water coexists with the sleeping area. Here, a small shower room has found a place under glass partitions but nothing prevents you from installing a bathtub at the foot of the bed or in a corner of the room…

3. Create a cozy corner

Because of its structure, its independence and its location in the house, the attic room is often the ideal place to create a warm cocoon. This attic room understood this well with its cozy decor, its cozy bed linen, its bench seat and its multiple candles ... We would like to cocoon for hours ...

4. Play on the pitch

Your attic room has a high ceiling? Take advantage! Hanging chair, light suspension, XXL flower pots, white from floor to ceiling ... Draw attention and play on height to enhance your space!

5. Delimit spaces

Don't have a dedicated space to create your bedroom under the eaves? Take control of space by using an interior partition! We like the canopies which let the light circulate freely and which give the illusion of a larger room…

6. Make the bed the central element

When you don't have a lot of space in an attic room, you tend to stick the bed against a wall to save space. If the idea is not bad, you can also position the bed in the center of the room. Not only will the circulation be optimized but in addition, you will give a royal look to the atmosphere!

7. Opening outwards

Falling asleep watching the stars and waking up in the warmth of the sun and admiring the clouds, how about that? This is what roof windows allow! And why limit yourself to just one model when you can create a glass ceiling? We do not know you but we, this attic room open to the sky makes us dream…

8. Bet on storage under slope

Rather than unnecessarily wasting space, the sub-slopes can benefit storage space. Custom-made cupboards, shelves, hidden and built-in niches… All the means are good to optimize the least square meter! We also like the idea of ​​the platform which makes fun of perspectives and gives extra character to the space.