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Changing the heating, instructions for use

Changing the heating, instructions for use

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Why change the heating?

In general, the urge to change heating system installs over time ... and as the existing installation ages. Since an installation that is too old heats less well, consumes more, needs to be maintained with care and repaired more often. Balance sheet? Cost of heating and increasing carbon footprint, performance and comfort decreasing, as much to say that an old heating weighs heavily on the energy bill… and on the morale!

If the boiler is more than 15 years old, the temperature is heterogeneous, the breakdowns are linked or the bill increases, it is time to ask the question: and if the renewal of the heating installation resulted in savings for everyone? The investment can be substantial in the case of certain systems, okay, but the gain is quickly visible, on energy bills as on interior comfort. Especially if the new heaters are more economical and more ecological, the principle is the same with energies. The first prizes of 10 years ago are sometimes found at the bottom of the ranking, for example with fuel oil.

When to change the heating installation?

As you can imagine, it is better to avoid launching work on the heating system in the middle of winter. One, because prices can rise with winter demand, two, because it is better to avoid a heating cut in the middle of winter. Conclusion, we prefer work in summer, even early fall, before starting to heat! The site will be more comfortable, the delays less painful and as a bonus, the schedule more zen.

Another detail to take into account, the insulation, especially the attic. Without effective roof insulation, even the more efficient heating systems will continue to overconsume! Before choosing a new heating, we take the time to inform ourselves and to track thermal leaks to reinforce the insulation ... Especially since for memory, the insulation of the attic is one of the energy renovation works giving rise to financial aid.

How do I change the type of heating?

The decision is made ? To change the heating, we start by asking the right questions!

  1. We think about the budget. Even if the modernization of the installation saves energy and lowers the electricity bill, not everyone can invest in a high-performance system overnight. We therefore start by evaluating the current budget for existing heating, including maintenance of the installations, then the budget available for the new installation, without forgetting to take into account the aid available and the possible means of financing. Complicated ? Not with the Espace Aubade aid simulator!
  2. We assess our priorities. Where is the accommodation located and how many people live there? How is it oriented? Is it an apartment, a house, with or without a floor, with or without a basement, independent or semi-detached? Have the walls and roof spaces been the subject of insulation work? Have the windows been renovated, double glazed, PVC? This is the kind of question that determines the type of heating most advantageous for our interiors ... and do not panic, again, a heating simulator takes care of chewing the job.
  3. We compare the types of heating. In the family of heaters, there are electric radiators, heat pump, electric, wood or gas boiler ... To make the right choice, we take the time to find out and compare the results of the various simulations. If all that remains a little too obscure, we do not hesitate to contact specialists to find out more, since no heating solution is universal: choosing the right installation means choosing the installation that will be the most efficient with us!
  4. Once the budget is established and the heating chosen, let's go for the work… by contacting a qualified RGE craftsman (recognized as guarantor of the environment) who will be able to advise us, guide us, give us reliable deadlines and offer suitable guarantees. It will only remain, then, to wait for winter and the next energy bill to congratulate yourself.


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