Do you dare to renovate the bathroom?

Do you dare to renovate the bathroom?

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Why redo your bathroom?

No question of being limited to the aesthetic dimension, renovation can do much more than that. If taking care of yourself in a designer or cozy decor is a real plus, remake a bathroom is above all the best way to enhance it.
Whether it's painting, changing equipment or renovating plumbing, every bathroom work add value to it. Because more modern equipment or materials are generally more efficient! Some consume less, others insulate better, others improve well-being. In all cases, a bathroom renovation is a profitable investment at the time of resale of the property or future energy bills.

What steps to renovate a bathroom?

As we said, the renovation of the bathroom is a matter of organization. To start off smoothly, we take stock of the work to be done, so that we can estimate the time and budget. Is it a simple stroke of paint or a complete renovation ? To replace a bathtub with a shower or to install new furniture?

  • In the case of a complete renovation, we take the time to think about the layout of the bathroom to optimize both storage and circulation. And yes, drawing a plan is a useful boost!
  • Once the scope of the work has been defined, we then move on to the details ... which are not really the end result. What coatings, materials and colors to choose ? Paint or tile for the wall covering, parquet or PVC for the floor covering?
  • The principle is the same for furniture and equipment, depending on the planned renovations. Is there furniture to choose, equipment to find? What material for the sink, what size for the shower?
  • It remains to reflect technical elements, and therein lies the real challenge. A bathroom is not a bedroom, renovating it may involve acting on the plumbing, electricity or heating, things to think about beforehand. Since we do not improvise the installation of a walk-in shower, no more than the installation of recessed spotlights on the ceiling. The right reflex? We get information from professionals.

Is stress-free renovation possible?

For those who dream of renovate the bathroom without the hassle of work, it is possible to simplify life. We will not skip the noise and dust stage, we will not reduce the time required, but we can lighten the procedures and planning with a online service.

For the renovation of your bathroom, let yourself be guided by a work designer IZI by EDF. Just contact the service by phone to get a clear and transparent quote, and build your project.
IZI by EDF takes charge of the file, assigns reliable and qualified local craftsmen respecting the regulations in force, accompanies us from the selection of materials to the planning of the site… and ensures our complete satisfaction, from the first click to 'to the last nail, for work well done or redone! We can even call him from the start, moreover, to refine the project with a specialist.

So, dare we?