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Add a module to an electrical panel

Add a module to an electrical panel

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Adding a module to an electrical panel can be difficult. However, by respecting a few simple advices, it is possible for an individual to install himself and without difficulty an additional module in an existing electrical panel. A little adapted equipment and the right product purchased represent the best way to understand these small electrical works.

Adding a module to an electrical panel: new modules

The manufacturers have developed new products allowing everyone to calmly carry out small electrical work. Installing a new module in an electrical panel is first a question of choice. The right module must be chosen according to the desired electrical power. Once this power has been determined, the module must also be chosen taking into account the physical location in which the module will end up on the board and therefore its dimensions.

Add a module to an electrical panel: wire at the input and at the output.

With the right module, it is then very simple to place it in the electrical panel. The new products are made of insulating plastic molds which are very easy to position and to embed, taking care not to break the plastic. Once this has been done, all that remains is to connect the input cables coming from the circuit breaker to the module. The output cables, for their part, are already provided in the kit modules and can be easily extended since they are conventional cables. Installing a module in an existing electrical panel is therefore an operation which can be carried out simply. However, care must be taken to cut the power to the main circuit breaker as for each intervention on the household electrical network.


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