Peeling off old wallpaper

Peeling off old wallpaper

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You can no longer see your living room wallpaper in paint? It's time to get rid of it! Get the right tools, and your old wallpaper will soon be just a bad memory!

Peel off a classic wallpaper

Start by trying to peel off your wallpaper by sliding a knife behind the strip. Pull. If this is not enough, apply hot water with a sponge (take care to cut the electricity, to avoid short circuits). Let the paper soak for a few minutes: it should come off easily. Start at the top. It's not enough ? Take a wallpaper stripper.

Peel off other types of wallpaper

Do you want to get rid of vinyl wallpaper? This type of peelable wallpaper can be removed in two stages. Start by peeling off the bottom corners, lifting them up. The laminated vinyl sheet should come on its own. Then remove the sheet of paper that serves as a support, proceeding as for a classic wallpaper: with hot water. To peel off a washable wallpaper, you need to scratch the surface with a metal brush or a cutter (handle with care), then wet it. Several tempera are necessary to be able to take off a washable wallpaper, because of its waterproof film.

Remove wallpaper to which paint has been applied

If paint has been applied to a wallpaper, removal will be more complex. After scratching its surface, soak the wallpaper in warm water with a water-soaking product. Then lift the strips with a coating knife. Once your wallpaper is removed, clean with clear water.


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