Prepare a wall before laying tiles

Prepare a wall before laying tiles

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Proper preparation of the wall before laying the tiling is a prerequisite. To be tiled, a surface must be solid, dry, perfectly flat and clean ... which sometimes requires some minor work!

Surface preparation

First of all, make sure that the wall you want to tile is solid: it must be able to support the weight of the tile. Also check that its surface is perfectly flat. If necessary, fill in any holes and cracks with plaster, then sand to obtain a surface without irregularities. Dust and then clean the wall with a slightly damp sponge. Let it dry.

Preparation for each type of wall

Are you laying a tile on an already tiled wall? Locate the broken or peeled tiles and fill the holes with a suitable product (adhesive mortar). Sand the existing tiles to enamel them, which will promote good adhesion of the new tiles. Are you tiling a plaster wall? Make sure the plaster does not crumble. Fill any holes and cracks with adhesive mortar, sand, then wash. Let it dry before you start laying the tiles. Planning to tile a painted wall? Fill cracks and small holes with a filler, wash, then apply an adhesion primer. You can also tile directly on fiberglass, provided it adheres perfectly to the wall. Apply a primer, then tile. Do you want to tile a wall covered with wallpaper, paneling or fabric? You will first need to remove the wall covering, then prepare the wall, by filling in the cracks, sanding it and then cleaning it.> Ask for a quote for the installation of your tiles