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Choose a freezer

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In order to choose the right freezer for your needs, several parameters must be taken into account. The available space but also the storage capacities and the energy performance of each model are essential points.

The upright freezer type cabinet

Ideal for small kitchens, models of upright freezers with drawers save space while offering the advantage of good visibility of the contents. However, the reduced capacity of the compartments will have to be taken into account according to your consumption habits and the composition of your household. To be placed on the floor, integrated into a cupboard, built-in under the worktop or combined with the refrigerator, a cabinet freezer will guarantee an ergonomic and practical kitchen in everyday life.

The chest freezer or sideboard

The large storage capacity of the chest freezer makes it a practical asset for the needs of large families. Larger, this type of model however requires having enough floor space or a dedicated room, a cellar or a cellar for example. Prefer freezers with integrated organizers or baskets to facilitate access to their sometimes loaded content.

Energy consumption and saving of a freezer

Operating without interruption, the freezer and the refrigerator represent on average 20% of the annual electricity consumption of a home. More economical, a class A ++ freezer will offer very profitable energy performance. Prefer the No Frost or ventilated cold system, which offers a homogeneous distribution of the cold and avoids the formation of frost responsible for overconsumption. For optimal comfort of use, prefer silent devices, well insulated and having a large autonomy in the event of a power failure.