Video: customize magazine racks with gift wrap

Video: customize magazine racks with gift wrap

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Your office area is not to your liking: too wise, it lacks style. What if everything went through original accessories? Here, classic magazine racks could gain in appearance if they were covered with pretty gift wrap. Sometimes a little nothing is enough to make all the difference!

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 30 minutes Indicative cost: 37 € Necessary material : magazine rack + 3 rolls of gift wrap

Steps :

- Paint the inside and edges of the magazine racks in khaki or mustard yellow to create a retro style - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Cut gift wrap to the dimensions of the sides of the magazine racks - Glue a first magazine rack with the final spray glue - Then apply the gift wrap to it - Cut off the surplus - Proceed in the same way for the other sides of the magazine holder - Do the same for the other 2 remaining magazine holders by changing the paper patterns - Cut the papers at the openings The decor tip: do not hesitate to vary the wallpapers for each magazine rack: this choice will create a very trendy mismatched look on your workspace! Shopping: Magazine rack, set of 2 Knuff, IKEA Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi