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Choosing the faucet for your kitchen

Choosing the faucet for your kitchen

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It must enhance the kitchen workspace without forgetting that it will be used every day many times. Here is the kitchen faucet ... and some tips for choosing it.

Choose the faucet for your kitchen: mixer or mixer?

The first choice is for the type of tap. It is indeed necessary to prefer the mixer to the mixer, or vice versa, the tap with two handles or that with single control. The latter can also be declined with a hand shower, particularly practical for washing fruits and vegetables. For people who choose a mixer, it is advisable to prefer a ceramic disc head to a flapper head, less resistant, but the seal is easier to change. When it comes to mixing valves, choosing a valve fitted with an anti-scalding ring avoids accidents and helps control consumption. Another choice is made on the spout, more or less high. It is then a function of the size of the sink and the use of the fittings, if for example it is necessary to fill large containers.

Choosing your kitchen faucet: a question of style

Whether it is a mixer or a mixer, the kitchen faucet is now available in a multitude of styles. From copper or brass fittings, old charm version, to designer models, you are really spoiled for choice. People who could regularly change the look of their kitchen or who cannot decide will simply opt for a stainless steel or chrome fitting, which goes well with all interiors. Be careful however to check that the tap is suitable for the water pressure in the kitchen.

The extra stuff

Among the models currently available on the market are the wall-mounted taps, which save space around the sink, and the infrared taps, which leave your hands completely free.