Insulate a floor

Insulate a floor

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The insulation of a floor from above is quite easy to achieve by simply laying a carpet, but for those who do not appreciate this flooring, it will be necessary to make a false floor that will hide the insulating material._x000D_

Insulate a floor: the installation of joists or joists_x000D_

The height of the joists (pieces that will support the floor) must be chosen taking into account the thickness of the insulation and so as to leave a little vacuum between the insulation and the new floor, so that air can circulate and to avoid moisture. The joists or joists will be fixed on the floor, along the walls, then at regular intervals so as to support the floor which will be laid on it, in complete safety ._x000D_

Installation of insulation_x000D_ to insulate the floor

Between the joists and directly on the floor, we will lay mineral wool, extruded polystyrene, or any other appropriate insulator, chosen according to what is below: crawl space, cellar, home, etc. If wool is used of rock, it will be necessary to install a vapor barrier against the floor and fixed with adhesive tape. We will also make sure to push the insulation well into the corners to avoid creating thermal bridges, and we will leave a little air between the insulation and the new floor._x000D_

Floor laying

_x000D_ The new floor will finally be laid, or chipboards which can then be covered with tiling or any other floor covering. This installation represents a few centimeters of additional floor height, it will also be necessary to decrease the height of the doors and arrange the door step. > Request a quote for insulation