Choose a light dimmer

Choose a light dimmer

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What is a light dimmer?

As indicated by his name, the light dimmer allows you to vary the intensity of light in your home. It can thus vary the intensity of chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces or even bedside lamps, in a single gesture. You can thus personalize the atmosphere according to your desires! Easily switch from a dim light for a cocooning atmosphere to a brighter light, to work at your desk or enjoy a good meal with friends.

Generally, the dimmers offer a variation between 60 and 500W for halogen bulbs. The operation of the dimmer is very simple: thanks to a wheel, it acts directly on the electric current and thus varies the voltage of the electricity received by the bulb.

Light dimmer models

It exists different light dimmers although they are all very similar. You will find the most common dimmer, the same dimensions as a conventional switch. It generally allows you to adjust the intensity of the scattered light by means of a rotary button. But there are also models which exercise both the dimmer and the switch function. It is also in the form of a conventional switch and it is enough to press a button to switch from one function to another.

Some drive models are also programmable. They thus give the possibility of preparing a certain type of lighting at hourly amplitudes defined in advance.

The televariator

A third model is called the dimmer. You will need to install it directly on the panel of your electrical installation. This model controls the intensity of the light scattered through push buttons. Depending on the duration of the pressure you exert on the push button, the intensity of the light will be more or less strong.

It adapts toincandescent light bulbs, halogens, compact fluorescent lamps, as well as fluorescent tubes and LEDs. Each version is adapted to the type of bulb for which it is designed. It is therefore necessary to check the compatibility between the dimmer and your lighting system before making the purchase.

The choice of bulb

You must also choose the bulb that best suits your needs and your installation. The ideal when it comes to dimmer is to use either halogen bulbs whose intensity can vary widely, or incandescent bulbs which give a bright yellow light. If you want to use low-consumption light bulbs, make sure they are suitable for dimmers.

Note that you cannot install and use a dimmer on LED or compact fluorescent lamps.

Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is install the drive.

How to install the dimmer?

It is quite easy to replace your conventional switches with a dimmer. No need to be a great handyman! In a few steps, you have a whole new lighting system in your interior.

First step, and not the least: cut the current via the main circuit breaker. Indeed, you will directly touch the electrical circuit of your home.

Then dismantle your switch. Depending on the model, you may have to unscrew your plug directly. In other cases, dismantle the cover plate, then the mounting bracket & function. Disconnect the wires.

Position the drive on your mounting bracket. If you have opted for a pre-mounted drive, then it's already done!

Connect the wires by reconnecting them to your function, then position your support and fix it on your recessed box by tightening the screws. Finally, clip the cover plate onto the assembly. Perform a test after turning on the power.