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Install a boiler

Install a boiler

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The energy used?

The supply of boilers is vast, and the energies that can power the systems are numerous: natural gas, fuel oil, propane, thermal heating with solar energy. Not all of them generate as much heat, but neither do they have the same characteristics in terms of CO2 emissions.

Single or mixed boiler?

The boilers can be simple or mixed. In the second case, they combine two energies in order to take advantage of the specific qualities of each.

The location of the boiler

The location of the boiler is important. More or less bulky, some cannot adapt to reduced habitats. Others, by their connections, need to be near a chimney, for example.


Finally, the radiators or the type of floor can combine more or less well with such and such a boiler. Low consumption gains in performance when the rooms are fitted with low-consumption radiators and heated parquet.

The price of boilers

While certain ecological or high-performance boilers can be expensive to buy, tax credits can nevertheless encourage them to choose them to equip their home.