Install a cupboard under slope

Install a cupboard under slope

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Taking measurements

Rest assured, making a cupboard under a slope does not involve any great difficulty, all the more when it is made to measure. To start, choose the place under the slope where your closet will be installed and draw the marks on the ground and under the slope, trying to have a fairly substantial height or width. Use a spirit level when positioning your rail on the floor to be sure your closet will not wobble. Be very precise in your measurements and in your layouts; a few millimeters too much or less and the whole cupboard will fall apart.

The construction of the cupboard under slope

Saw the different pieces that will constitute your storage unit then assemble the frames which will in turn form the frame. Nail everything, saw the frame and assemble it with the rest of the materials. Then proceed to fixing the frame to the walls, the floor and the slope, using ankles. Then install your shelves according to your desires and especially your needs. There is only one last step left: putting the doors in place. For roof spaces, opt instead for sliding doors, to save space. First lay the rails, delimit the locations of the doors and finally drill and screw. Here, your closet is officially installed.