Maintain tiling

Maintain tiling

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The maintenance of the tiling must be done regularly to avoid traces appearing and encrusting. From the joints to the tiles themselves, several solutions exist to maintain the good condition of its floor. And whatever material is deposited on the tiles: cement, dust ...

If your soil has traces of cement…

When installing a tile, the joints you slide between the tiles can leave traces of cement on the surfaces. To make them disappear, first soften the mortar with soapy water or white vinegar. Then, with a spatula, brush or scraper, just remove the thickness of the cement. By the way, as long as you clean your tiles, an application of hydrogen peroxide on the joints also helps restore their color. If the use of these products makes the tiles sticky, redistribute white vinegar, more or less diluted depending on the adhesion of the cement to be removed.

If you have a marble tiled floor…

A sign of a certain luxury and rather aesthetic, marble is also a fragile material. If there are scratches on the floor, gently sand the tile, then rinse it with clear water. Then polishing powder can be applied and then rinsed off. For marble, there is also wax that can be applied to the tile.

If your tiles are a bit dull…

Linseed oil is a very useful product for shining a tile. Before applying it, it is important to wash the tiles by applying a sponge soaked in water and detergent. Then the oil can be applied with a brush or cloth.