Feature: the making of a dressing room

Feature: the making of a dressing room

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Having become absolutely essential, the dressing room is the solution to organize your wardrobe and accommodate household linen, even the vacuum cleaner and ironing equipment. Ideal for optimizing the space, the dressing room is well equipped while providing a decorative touch. Thanks to him, each personal effect finally finds its place. Closed or not, the dressing room is very easy to install. Make this space dedicated to storage a pleasure, and create it yourself thanks to these few key points.

A custom wardrobe

Depending on the space to devote to the dressing room, the budget is of course more or less important. Creating a wardrobe yourself, however, reduces the cost. The dressing room can occupy a tiny cubicle or, on the contrary, an entire room. No matter the place to reserve for him: what matters is the organization. A walk-in closet can be the best way to use a lost space, namely under the lowest part of the attic where you can not put any furniture. It will also be in its place in a corner of the room. L-shaped, U-shaped or linear, the wardrobe adapts to all areas of the home.

A practical and decorative dressing room

The dressing room is not hidden, on the contrary. Thanks to the different possibilities of structures, it becomes an aesthetic element and harmonizes perfectly with the style and colors of the room in which it is located. In wood, aluminum, PVC or glass, it is beautiful but also solid. According to everyone's expectations, it can be left open, closed with a pretty curtain or fitted with doors. Again the choice is substantial: there are dressing doors in raw or stained wood, with a material effect perfectly imitating metal, leather, fabric or cork, lacquered, solid or covered with a mirror. Practical, they can be sliding.

A judicious arrangement of the dressing room

The brands specializing in furniture offer a panoply of arrangements that take genius. Between the tie-holders, the pants-holders, the belt-holders, the pivoting compartments, the sliding and fixed shelves, disorder has become impossible. The dressing room is also fitted with telescopic or even tilting rods and fixed double or single rods. It is also quite possible to offer tailor-made rods for optimum space optimization.
It is therefore up to each one to arrange each part of the dressing room by adopting more or less deep compartments, reasonably separated from each other. To avoid high stacks of sweaters and t-shirts and to facilitate access to different clothes, it is better to limit the vertical space between two shelves. Thus, the wardrobe will be better organized and the batteries will be impeccable. We do not hesitate to invest in quality hangers that will not bend under the weight of the heaviest clothes like coats. We do not skimp on the lighting either so as not to keep any shadowy area inside the dressing room. To do this, no need to review all the electricity in the house: LEDs no longer require any connection. The ideal is to opt for a motion detector lighting system for a walk-in closet, or for LEDs that light up automatically when the wardrobe doors open and which go out when they are closed.