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Feature: watering your garden

Feature: watering your garden

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To have a lush garden, nothing like a well thought out watering! But did you know that there are several watering solutions depending on the type of garden, the area and the budget available? In this file you will find advice and tips for a peaceful watering.

Traditional watering

If traditional watering can be laborious when you have a large garden, it is sometimes a real pleasure to be closer to nature. With a watering can or a hose, you will need to carefully disperse the water to the plants that need it. Be aware that this type of watering is easy when you have only a few pots.

Automatic watering

Automatic watering will bring you peace of mind because you won't have to think about it, even on vacation! Indeed, you will have the choice between a system to put in the garden or even more sophisticated to bury in the ground. But be aware that there are also systems for potted gardens. Here is something to help you choose.


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