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What are whiteflies?

These are small white flies that are between 1 and 3 mm in length and that infest many plants, including tomatoes, eggplants, fuchsias and cucurbits. They are very pests for flora and especially for vegetable plants grown in greenhouses.

Symptoms and consequences

Flies and larvae lodge under the leaves and feed on plant sap, which can lead to plant death. The leaves become sticky and sticky as they become infected. Insects can also transmit many diseases and in particular phytopathogenic viruses of the Carlavirus or Begomovirus type.


The application of insecticide generally acts on adult flies but not on larvae. To also eliminate the larvae, a systemic insecticide must be applied which spreads through the sap. The treatment must be implemented outside of the flowering periods so as not to infect the bees. The fans of organic treatment can use the wasp encarsia formosa or the bug macrolophus caliginosus, which kill these white flies while protecting the environment. Care should also be taken to quarantine infected plants.