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Mildew: the disease

Present in particular in tomato and potato plants but also in vines, downy mildew is a mold disease caused by small fungi: plasmopara viticola for vines, phytophthora infestans for potatoes. Mildew alone can ravage entire crops, so it is necessary to protect yourself.

Prevent mildew

Among the mildew prevention measures, it is advisable to plant potatoes and tomatoes (chosen according to so-called "resistant" varieties) at distant distances, to prevent the disease from affecting both crops. We will also try to avoid humidity, the main factor in the appearance of the fungus. In addition to these measures, we can only advise the famous crop rotation which plans to never plant the same thing in the same locations each season.

Spot downy mildew

Mildew is recognizable thanks to the appearance of fairly irregular brown spots on the leaves. These tasks are usually accompanied by a white down under the leaves that looks like mold.

Treat mildew

In the treatment of mildew, it is necessary to act as quickly as possible once the disease has been identified. For this, it will first be necessary to cut the affected plants, or even those nearby as a preventive measure. For the rest of the crop, arm yourself with copper-based fungicides.

Discover the advice of Doctor Plantes to treat a vine affected by mildew

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