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Ash characteristics

Belonging to the oleaceae family and comprising around sixty different varieties, ash trees are large species whose origin is, depending on the variety, European, Asian or American. They appreciate sunny areas as well as the edges of rivers and forests. Recognizable by its compound leaves, its clusters of samaras, ash is appreciated for its wood. The ash wood is hard, usable for parquet, while its leaves can be used for winter fodder.

Medicinal properties of ash

The ash leaf and its bark, known for their anti-rheumatic and purgative virtues, have been used since Antiquity by many peoples who made run on these large trees 40 meters high different myths and legends. In addition to its medicinal properties, the leaves of the ash tree can be used to concoct the ash tree, a refreshing drink. Ash would also have properties to treat biting vipers.

Particularity of ash

Ash appreciates having roots deeply embedded in cool, clay soil. It is distinguished in spring by its flowers whose smell is particularly pleasant. Its general beauty and resistance make it a perfect tree for large gardens.

Ash plantation

You should know that the planting should be done in a bright corner, away from other trees, and preferably in autumn, because the cold of winter slows its development. For the ground, it is necessary to privilege a rich and fresh ground insofar as it is not too draining, knowing that the ash does not fear humidity. If you live in a very windy area, the placement of a tutor could be advisable. But watch for growth! Ash grows very quickly and reaches its adult size in less than five years.

Ash maintenance

It does not require a particular size and requires little maintenance, except for a moderate supply of fertilizer during the first months of its growth and especially before its flowering, which occurs in spring. If you follow these tips, you will have met all the conditions to have a beautiful forest tree in your garden!

Varieties of ash trees

There are several varieties of ash, namely fraxinus americana, said white ash widespread in North America, the fraxinus angustifolia and its narrow leaves, the fraxinus chinensis, or the fraxinus excelsior of Europe with its acute leaves.