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Presentation of fuchsia

Flowering shrub belonging to the onagraceae family, fuchsia is native to Latin America and New Zealand. Shrubs for the most part, fuchsias do not tolerate jellies well. With an average size of 20 cm to 4 meters high, but up to 15 meters high for fuchsias excorticata, it is mainly used as an ornamental plant, due to its great beauty.

Fuchsia flowers

In clusters, they are composed of four sepals, and four petals. The flowers can be purple, pink and white, red or even orange. Very decorative, hanging and tubular, the fuchsia flowers end in the shape of a bell or cup and can bloom throughout the year in the tropics.

Fuchsia species

There were a hundred fuchsia species at the origin, but the flower is the subject of numerous hybridizations having led to the creation of thousands of new specimens, to the delight of budding gardeners. The fuchsia magellanica, native to southern Chile and Argentina, has pink flowers and is characterized by its invasive side, capable of covering the native forest.

Fuchsia plantation

Fuchsia should be planted in the spring, or, when living in an area with a mild winter, in the fall. It should avoid frost as much as possible. This tree prefers shaded exposures, cool soil and a neutral or partially acidic pH. Fuchsias can be planted in the ground, as well as in pots or pots. A word of advice: favor peat and organic potting soil to enrich the planting hole.

Fuchsia care

Sun lovers, fuchsia does not tolerate harsh winters well, so it is necessary to protect it as soon as autumn arrives. For the coldest regions, it is advisable to put it in a pot and bring it inside before the first frosts. Flowering takes place between May and October. Remember to cut the faded flowers as you go, to have new buds and thus extend the flowering period.

Fuchsia enemies

Fuchsia can be attacked by red spiders, white flies and rust disease. Find the fuchsias in the shop!