Video: maintain, care for and water an orchid

Video: maintain, care for and water an orchid

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Are you looking for advice on how to care for, care for and water an orchid? Julian, florist in the 7th arrondissement of Paris (, gives you his tips for having beautiful orchids. This plant indeed needs regular care. And even if your orchid has wilted, it is quite possible to give it a second life. Potting side, it is imperative to respect certain preconditions. Julian gives us his good advice, on video!

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How to water and properly place my orchid?

In order for your orchids to look beautiful for a long time, they must be given regular care. Water your plant once a week with room temperature water. This rule must be observed imperatively, to avoid thermal shock. Avoid saucers and plant pots. Indeed, once the orchid is watered, it is necessary to let the water flow. Once your plant has allowed the excess water to flow, put it back in its pot. The orchid is actually a plant that does not need water, but moisture. In addition to watering your orchid, it is essential to place it near a light source. However, do not expose it directly to the sun so as not to burn it. Also place the orchid away from drafts. So, when you ventilate your house, it is advisable to move your plant to protect it from the air.

How to give a second life to an orchid?

Once all the flowers of your orchid have fallen, do not throw it away. Indeed, with patience, you can make your plant bloom again. However, it should be cut about 2 cm above the third eye. Deprive your orchid of all care: do not water it, and leave it in a dark, cool place. So you can place your plant under a tree in summer, and take it in when winter arrives. When the leaves of the orchid are beautiful, it rarely flowers.

How to repot an orchid?

To change the pot of your orchid, you must take some precautions. When you repot them, certain varieties of orchids do not need soil. Instead, they need a compost made from pieces of wood. When you change the pot, remove the roots that have withered during the winter. The roots which will be useful for the development and flowering of your plant are those which have a light gray color. So you have to cut the dried roots with pruning shears. Thanks to our advice, your orchids will enhance your interior. Watch the videoWhat maintenance, care, watering for orchid? On Produced by Minute Facile You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic!