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Wood log trend

Wood log trend

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The wooden log is totally design and trendy. Its Nordic and natural spirit seduces eco-friendly brands which decline it in more or less expected forms… vase, plate, mirror, frame, coffee table, stool or printed on stickers or cushions. Follow the guide and discover our selection for an ecological interior.

The material spirit

Impossible to miss the brand's creations Nature Blue , a Lille craft company that uses driftwood collected from beaches as its raw material. Unique and original creations, like the mirror Cirkel made up of fifteen small round mirrors welded together, creating a real work of art for the home. Also, the logs left raw to create tables or seats.


Meet at As'art to discover characters carved from wooden logs. Jose Fumo, known as Mabanda, is a renowned Mozambican sculptor, who shapes his organic forms in sandalwood. His statuettes are voluntarily left raw to give the wood its full expression.

But also…

Also find a signed plate turns , made in beech trunks or a Madura storage tray in natural wood. In Papiluc , fall for a small stool ideal for serving as a seat, coffee table or bedside table handcrafted in Corrèze and made of untreated natural wood.