HEMA, the little brand that is rising!

HEMA, the little brand that is rising!

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Landed in France recently, the Dutch brand Hema is not yet its first try! Born in 1926 in the Netherlands, where it started its development, Hema subsequently launched its concept in the Benelux, in Germany and then in France with the opening of its first store in 2009. The idea is simple and nevertheless brilliant: bring together in one place all the "home" products necessary for everyday life and offer low prices to make them accessible to all.

Hema over time

The Hema brand was born in Amsterdam 84 years ago, in the midst of the 1920s crisis. Two Amsterdam entrepreneurs, Arthur Isaac and Leo Meyer, eager to remedy the difficult life of their compatriots, decided to open a store intended for those who have few means. HEMA, abbreviation of Holland's Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam (which means "Single price sign from Amsterdam"), was born! Other shops will quickly open in the Dutch capital, then in the country. After the Second World War, the economic situation improved in the Netherlands. Competition is getting harder and Hema has no choice but to reposition itself. The company therefore decides to give the products, in addition to impeccable quality, an entirely original aesthetic.

A practical and clever concept

Gift wrapping paper, shower gel, colander, bath towels, aperitif cakes, etc. are all products that until now have only been found in supermarkets. It is to compensate for the lack of "small convenience stores" bringing together everyday products that the Hema brand was created. The concept ? A formula bringing together several universes (beauty, food, children, office, decoration, cooking ...) and carefully chosen locations to be able to meet consumers' last minute needs everywhere. Hema offers its playful and colorful universe without ever departing from the best quality / price ratio in order to make it accessible to all everyday products.

When simplicity is out of the ordinary

Hema products perfectly reflect the mix of simplicity and research dear to Nordic design. Crockery, kitchen utensils, household linen, office accessories, stationery… each product offers a studied aesthetic but always accessible. The design, as well as the packaging of the products and the presentation of the stores, are easy and fun to read! Nine stores already exist in France and two more will open in the coming weeks. The temptation at low cost cannot be refused!