Pac-Man Returns

Pac-Man Returns

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Pac-Man devours our decor. The star of the 80s in the shape of a yellow camembert is available in objects with vintage and regressive accents. Poufs, stickers, mugs and other unusual gadgets, go back to childhood with our 100% geek selection.

At meal times

Fans will be able to eat and drink Pac-Man! Discover indeed colorful and design mugs to taste your favorite drinks: a red Pac-Man model and another with the labyrinth, Pac-Man and his ghosts. Slip into your bag or leave small round and yellow metallic candy boxes on a piece of furniture. They are adorable and very decorative! To impress your friends at aperitif time, make the show with ice cubes on the theme of the famous game. And for great chefs, you will no doubt be seduced by cookie cutters signed Suck uk . This British brand is full of quirky and fun items (ice cube tray presented here at the opening).

All over the house

We no longer present the poufman : a designer seat with Pac-Man shapes! An unusual and design piece of furniture. Also find Pac-Man on a digital board Diptych , on a clock at Fleux , in the form of stress balls or key rings. For your turntables, Technics offers a felt, round and yellow of course!