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Original partitions and partitions

Original partitions and partitions

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Do you have a large room that you would like to separate into several small spaces, without falling into the ordinary and without doing heavy work? Play originality by choosing one of the solutions below.

Japanese blinds and panels

Very simple to install, fixed blinds or Japanese panels whose rod you will attach to the ceiling allow you to structure the space while making it modular. It suffices, in fact, to open or close the panels or the blinds according to one's needs. A solution that can be very decorative given the breadth of the offer.

Chain mail

For a contemporary design spirit, a chainmail curtain is the most beautiful effect. We can choose its gauge of the mesh to let pass slightly or not the look. The rendering is original and very sensual (we immediately want to touch the material). To find happiness:

Reclaimed wood ladders

Wood scales rescued from a previous life, as well as stable or stable racks will advantageously turn into a rustic separation. Is the visual separation too light? It is enough to place fabrics between each bar to opacify the whole. By choosing a technical material or a very graphic fabric, this wooden separation can even become contemporary.

A colorful wheel shelf

More classic, this solution is easy to implement since it is enough to add casters to any large shelving unit. How to make it original? By choosing (or repainting) it with a strong color. And by placing a repetition of the same object in spaces, or objects all of the same color, or simply by choosing only very graphic objects.

Plastic elements to assemble

We see more and more: these are elements made of a light and colorful plastic, which we assemble together to form a "curtain" of the desired size. They can be found in designer stores like Sentou as well as in large retailers. But you have to love the color!

A partition but not too much

Mount a partition, yes, but not to the top. It is a good idea to make an original separation and keep a running space in a large room. Better yet, if the place is suitable, why not build this partition in cellular concrete tiles (therefore light) of curved shape. It will immediately attract the eye thanks to its very graphic rendering.

A spinnaker cloth

A spinnaker cloth (small sail at the front of a sailboat) is perfect for making a simple visual separation while letting the light pass. But a shade sail, which is now everywhere in DIY stores as summer approaches, will do just as well. Especially since there are multiple colors. Stretched on a metal frame using cords, this interior sail will be of the most beautiful effect.

Raw wood

Buy raw sawn planks from a sawmill, with knots and visible grain. It's prettier and cheaper than neat planks sold in DIY stores. Attention, you will then have to dry this wood for at least three months in a shaded and ventilated room. Then make a rough sawn frame, which you will fix to the floor and the ceiling with knocking screws. Then attach raw boards inside.

A nomadic partition

This is a new process launched by the company Serastone. Tiles (made from gypsum) are clipped and unclipped at will on a nomadic frame to form a partition or a wall, a composite picture or a vertical garden.