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Children's favorite dishes

Children's favorite dishes

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Like every year, the month of December featured chic and refined dishes, the essentials of a table ready to wake up. In January, to taste the eternal galette des rois, children are more favored with dishes! After all, they are the most enthusiastic about winning the bean and it is always the youngest of them who hides under the table to designate the shares of each of the guests. What you need ? Funny, playful and colorful plates. For children, a festive table begins with dishes that resemble them, everything except the traditional and boring dishes of adults!

A plate to decorate

We particularly love the Fred & Friends plates called "Mr. Food". A collection that lives up to its name since each plate is decorated with a simple snowman head that children will be happy to personalize with what they have on the plate. Indeed, pasta, vegetables, mash or rice sometimes draw a hat, a beard, eyebrows, a very artistic mustache ... Imagination and humor come to the table.

Fun patterns, shapes and designs

The colorful models with the effigy of "Barbapapa" or "Monsieur Madame" offered by the Petit Jour brand should also make your children happy. The plates with the representation of a character - a prince, a princess, a knight ... - accompanied by a comic bubble and a small educational and playful sentence: "I put my towel on my knees", "I sit right at the table "," I eat with my mouth closed "... are also a flagship model of the brand. At Present Time, we keep the plate in the shape of a clock, at 100drine, the plates in the shape of animals. Of course, cartoon heroes are also popular on the plate: Disney characters, Hello Kitty or Little Brown Bear, they all respond.

Compartmentalized plates

It is not finished. Among the plates most appreciated by children, there are compartmentalized models to separate the starter, the main dish and the dessert. And the meal looks like a dinette!