Decorative books to offer for Christmas

Decorative books to offer for Christmas

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On Christmas morning, many of you will undoubtedly discover a book among your packages! And yes, books are a safe bet that always makes fun for Christmas, here is a selection of very decorative books to offer or to offer.

Easy-to-live interiors by Judith Wilson, editions Ouest-France

In this book, you will find all the advice to recreate an interior that is easy to live with: both functional and comfortable for a relaxed style that matches our lifestyles. To put in all hands!

Cabinets de curiosités by Christine Davenne and Christine Fleurent, published by La Martinière

This is a beautiful book that will not fail to surprise you because it presents many curiosities by highlighting the passion of the collection. Over the pages, you will discover amazing collectibles that aimed to recreate the whole world in one place.

The art of living in the mountains by Jocelyne Sibuet, published by Le Chêne

In Megève, Les Fermes de Marie develop the art of mountain living with a certain modernity without forgetting its tradition. In this box, you will find three works presenting first the spirit of the farms, a second on the kitchen of the farms and a last on the plants and their virtues.

The forgotten secrets of our grandmothers by Véronque Willemin, at Desinge & Hugo & Cie editions

Because our grandmothers knew all the natural secrets for the house but also for everyday life and that they did not always have time to reveal them to us, Véronique Willemin recorded them in her work. Discover other decorative books to offer: