A dancer decor inspired by the Nutcracker ballet

A dancer decor inspired by the Nutcracker ballet

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As the end of year celebrations approach, it is more than ever the moment to plunge back into the world of Tchaikovsky's legendary masterpiece: The Nutcracker. Whether you take a seat to see the most famous of all ballets, or let yourself be carried away by one of her adaptations in film or cartoon, one thing is certain, the music and the story of Marie, this little girl who receives a mysterious nutcracker in the shape of a soldier on Christmas Day can only enchant you, once again. The opportunity is well chosen to look at a little star dancer's decor, especially if you have one at home…

A pink and white decor

To create a star dancer decor in a little girl's bedroom, the favorite colors are pale pink and white. A duo that clearly recalls the color of the tutus and leotards worn by ballerinas. The ideal is to favor white for the choice of furniture and pink for decorative accessories (a light garland, a lamp, a carpet with some fluff…) which would thus enhance this universe full of sweetness.

Yes to all decorative accessories that evoke dance

To permeate the classical dance room, the walls give us a helping hand. We hang a canvas representing a small Opera rat, hang a tulle petticoat on a wall hook, glue some stickers or a frieze on which are drawn ballerinas or a dancer making a pretty figure…