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A collage to dress your walls

A collage to dress your walls

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To decorate the walls, it's not just paint and wallpaper! Indeed, decorative objects can become real coatings that will give a unique style to your interior like the collage that will put your photos forward for a very personal style.

What is a jumble?

A collage is a frame of more or less large size which allows to gather a multitude of photos, drawings or postcards to create an aesthetic and personalized set. The collage represents a nice gift to offer when you want to personalize the gift. You can also make it yourself by buying a frame and adding your photos.

Which jumble to choose?

There are many styles of collage that you will find in any home store. You will then have to choose a shape before launching into customization. To best dress your wall, choose a large collage where you can add many photos. You will find rectangular models, others in vertical strip or even more unstructured models. On the technical side, if you previously had to paste the photos, you can now choose a magnetic model that will allow you to change the photos as you wish. Discover our selection of pell-mell to dress the walls: