Customize the bathroom with stickers

Customize the bathroom with stickers

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If the stickers conquered us in the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom, we do not always think that they can also be installed in the bathroom! And yet, thanks to the stickers you will be able to add a personal touch to your interior by placing them on the walls, the washing machine or even the shower screen.

Stickers for floors and walls

Be aware that you can install stickers on almost all elements of the bathroom. There are, for example, special stickers for tiled floors but also for walls. Most are very resistant to humidity and therefore will not peel off. Also remember to dress the windows with special stickers for the windows. In the same way, you can put stickers on the walls of your shower to both decorate the surface and create a little more privacy if the shower is not opaque.

Stickers for the washing machine

If your washing machine is in the bathroom, you can give it a very decorative look with special stickers. If you have a machine with a porthole, you will find stickers which use it to create the head of a cat, elephant or panda. For "top" washing machines, we will rather use a sticker that covers the entire facade. You will then find trompe-l'oeil or very artistic abstract models. Discover our selection to customize the bathroom: